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Frequently asked quesions.

Can your company provide an insurance certificate?

Yes, Hellhound Audio carries full Workers' Compensation, General Liability, Property, and Commercial Vehicle insurance. We are comprehensively covered to address any incidentals.

Do you provide a technician to run the event?

Absolutely. We have a dedicated team of professionals on call who can manage your event from start to finish.

Do you work outside of the
Tri-State Area? 

Yes, we operate throughout and outside of the Tri-state area. We typically provide services along the East Coast to assist clients in hosting exceptional events. There's almost no place we won't go.

Are you able to service outdoor events?

Yes, Hellhound Audio offers several power solutions for outdoor events, suitable for both small and large applications.

What if I don’t know what kind of equipment I require for my event?

Our team is happy to schedule a consultation to understand your event needs and offer you the best packages for for your event with adequate equipment and crew.

What are the advantages of a confidence monitor?

Confidence monitors allow presenters to stay engaged with the audience without turning away to look at the screen. They can display presentation notes that are invisible to the audience, enhancing the speaker's flow and engagement.

Does are their any differences between choosing wired  or wireless microphone?

Wired microphones can be cumbersome and disrupt the flow of discussion. Wireless microphones are easier to handle, promote audience engagement, and are suitable for events of any size.

What if I need to make changes and add extra gear on site?

At Hellhound Audio, we anticipate changes and always bring extra gear to the site. Whether you need an additional microphone, speaker, or some last-minute pipe and drape, we’ve got you covered.

Will Hellhound Audio try to work within my budget?

We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, including fair and transparent pricing with no hidden fees. We work diligently to find solutions that fit our clients' budgets.


For our long-term partners, we can lock in equipment prices and discounts for multiple shows and years, allowing for early budgeting and avoiding future surprises.

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